Generally most people prefer a ceiling paint that is a low sheen paint sop the ceiling does not glimmer when the lights of the room reflect upon it. (More on why we love it in this post here!). So, today, I’m going to share a little about how and why you might want to paint your exposed basement ceiling instead of going to all the trouble of sheet rocking it. This is the sprayer we used: Good luck with your project! It’s a themed room that can easily be transitioned into a more sophisticated space once they outgrow their childhood theme. But when you can’t see the boundaries of a room, it can appear bigger. Hi! So far it has adhered just fine! Thanks for reading! While a black ceiling can add sophistication and elegance to a room, it can also add a ton of fun to your child’s bedroom. Dustin even learned how to do electrical and hang sheet rock, and I mudded and taped all of the walls! Did you prime before painting or use a paint with primer in it? (This led to the interesting result of having my foot prints in paint all over the concrete floor, lol!). I also covered my clothes, even though I wore paint clothes, with a paint suit, just to avoid ruining them and/or tracking paint all over the house after. Happy Hour: Everything’s Coming Together! I’m finishing up my wiring and will be painting my ceiling. When choosing a paint for your ceiling, try using a flat black opposed to any glossy paint products. Or if you want to stick with the traditional paint colors like Black (2132-10) by Benjamin Moore, this will add an easily workable color scheme to whatever your design style is. Instead of taking up more of your living space with clunky dividers or furniture you don’t actually love, look up for the solution. Could use some help on paint ideas. Instead, I wore a pair of old socks and threw them away as soon as I was done. Open floor plans can make it tricky to distinguish one area’s function from another when physical boundaries are absent. Hey Sean, It’s about 80.5 inches. Jamie Laubhan-Oliver Save Photo. Black paint will make the ceiling feel lower without sacrificing space. Help us Paint it Pink with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation! We will conduct your video estimate within the timeframe you select below. I truly can’t believe the difference it made in the space literally right away. Ceilings are often thought to be non-consequential; something which blends into the background, but the colour of the ceiling can really shift the look and feel of your room. Researchers have even found evidence that high ceilings––anything above the standard 8-foot height––make people feel like they have more freedom and creativity. For a bathroom, odd growths along surfaces can be a problem, and this paint is not only durable and easy to … To accentuate the concept, choose interior furniture with the similar shade. Like | 1; Save; Margo. The other issue for me, though, is the smell, which can sometimes make me lightheaded. Now, I married a safety engineer, so it’s possible that I overdid it slightly, but the main concerns with spraying paint on a ceiling are your eyes and breathing in particles. It was worth the investment because I also wore it while sanding drywall later, which is a smaller particle and more dangerous to breathe. Looks great!! I would not be afraid to leave an exposed ceiling and paint it black. The average ceiling doesn’t get a lot of love––usually just a coat of flat white paint. This is the part we are dreading. Fired Earth Ceiling Paint . Though..... some posters should indeed be scared after posting certain comments! Colored black paints are perfect for living spaces or entryways where you want to add a lot of dimension. It’s also helpful when you’re keeping an eye on active little kids or entertaining a crowd. The coffered ceiling in black looks great in your living room. The same can be said for selecting a black paint color. Keeping the basement ceiling open means that we have access to a lot of the HVAC ducts, plumbing, and electrical in our house. Most people don’t consider how their ceiling could be professionally painted to create a dramatic impact in their space. If you have a textured ceiling, however, a ceiling paint may be difficult to spread and so thick that it dulls the texture’s appearance. Today, I have a basement progress update and DIY learning experience (lol) all in one—we painted our exposed basement ceiling black, and we absolutely love it! thanks in advance Carrieann. I did this so they would look like they came from the factory with shiny and flat finished surfaces. Since you’re painting indoors, one of the biggest concerns is selecting paint with low volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). I had more comments on that ceiling! Think of it as your fifth wall! Open concept floor plans are another home selling point that can make even the smallest of homes feel larger than they actually are. Eliminating dividing walls to have one single living space between your kitchen, living room and dining room allows natural light to flow freely through your home. Try these designer-approved ceiling paint colors to make your space feel bigger. For any super noticeable drips, I kept a roller nearby and rolled them out before they dried. You will not find a product designated specifically as a living room paint or a home office paint.As long as some basic conditions are met, interior acrylic-latex paint knows few boundaries; it can go anywhere. You can use black paint to define an area. Load up your roller evenly and roll the paint on in sections of about one metre long at a time. We want to find a day/time that works best for your schedule. But with any spraying project, you’re going to deal with a bit of mess and overspray, and given that this one was above my head, I knew it was going to be worse than usual. Finally, I didn’t wear shoes because, again, I didn’t want to track paint around. If you are bored with plain ceiling, this inspiring idea is worth your thought. The Spruce Best Home Elevated Black is a deep black with navy undertones and pairs well with lighter blues, greens, and grays. Each. Formulated to seal and prime the surfaces, the product also covers existent stains and bridges fine cracks, delivering perfect finishes at every use. We also have an old house and we’re considering painting our basement ceiling. PVA Interior Matt Paint . Fired Earth Ceiling Paint - Pink to White (5L) Select nearest store. Ideal for all environments, the product is available in only one colour, but its versatility pays off. If you’re looking to add a dramatic ceiling to your next interior painting project, let CertaPro Painters® help you get started. The paint offers excellent coverage and resists mildew growth to help ensure that the finish remains attractive over time. Libby April 22, 2013 at 12:29 PM. ), For your lungs, paint is actually a big particle, so you’re going to be pretty safe if you just tie a bandana around your nose and mouth. Anyone who has ever wanted to paint a wall white has learned that there are a lot of color swatches to choose from. I got a quote but the DIY is tempting me. Jessica Helgerson Interior Design Save Photo. This post contains affiliate links, which are a way for you to support our blog at no cost to you. For larger ceilings, a spray can is faster, though should not be used if excess paint will harm the ceiling the grid is suspended from. If I had used the same paint, they would have lost some interest in the details. A dark ceiling allows you to focus your attention on that night’s movie instead of on everything that’s happening above your head. It’s been the gift that keeps on giving and gives me crazy ideas that I can probably paint the exterior of our house by myself, right?? Would you mind telling me what the floor to ceiling height in your basement is? Commune Design. We planned on needing to touch up the paint anyway so it wasn’t a big deal. If your child is obsessed with all-things-outer-space, think about how much they would enjoy falling asleep under a sky full of stars right in their bedroom. And we used Sherwin Williams Super Paint Interior Acrylic Latex. And that’s as good of reason as any, right? I found that ducts are the spot most susceptible to drips, so spray lightly and have your roller ready. Paint your ceiling black to define your true personality. Could see every roller mark, and had quite a sheen. You will need to be in your home and on a mobile device with a rear-facing camera that is connected to your home’s wi-fi. See more ideas about finishing basement, basement remodeling, basement renovations. People were more likely to say a room was beautiful if it had a high ceiling compared with a low ceiling. Ceiling paint is a rare niche paint product, such as bathroom paint, that announces its intentions right there on the label.Most other paints are not location-specific. If you’re lucky enough to have some amazing architectural elements built into your space, a black ceiling can highlight your home’s character. home theater colors black ceiling paint color awesome sky ideas. The paint sock on my head also helped cover the sides of my safety glasses. We sprayed right over everything, including pipes and wires. 4. I think in some areas its just north of six feet so really low! Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 6. $13.39 $ 13. Did you just spray paint on insulation foam? Have more questions about how we did it? Thank you for the post. Thanks for reading! Has the paint adhered to the ducts, wiring, and copper pipes pretty well? 89. Estimated Time . Thanks for the write-up. A bold coat of black paint on your ceiling can help you design around tall, soaring ceilings to make the space feel warm and cozy. We also love working black into a child or teen’s bedroom on the walls with Benjamin Moore’s chalkboard paint. This location is currently only offering Remote Estimate appointments. Love black ceilings! Black tends to be a bit of a polarizing color for interiors: we’ve written about black walls, black kitchens, black bedrooms, and each time the response is either love or hate. First was Ralf Lauren dark tint primer and then matte - very dark brown. Black ceiling paint can also make existing architectural elements pop or unsightly basement fixtures blend into the background. How to Paint a Ceiling. View our Privacy Policy.By clicking next or submit you agree to our Terms of Use, By clicking next or submit you agree to our, Urbane Bronze Named Sherwin-Williams 2021 Color of the Year, Remove Your Wallpaper Design for a Newly Painted Space, Steal These Painting Ideas for Your Living Room. Believe it or not black color can look amazing on your ceiling. Flat latex paint is usually the preferred paint for textured ceilings. I didn't have the energy to put up our tree this y, Yesterday Dustin finished this ceiling planking an, I never made a mood board for our bedroom or fully, Huge progress in the living room! PVA Interior Matt Paint. Can you tell me the approximate area that the 5 gallons covered? Hey there! Ceiling paints also have specialized formulas, as well. R298. Popcorn Ceiling Texture. Your black painted ceiling is awesome, gives it a loft effect. It’s tough being a ceiling. Here’s what the most recent picture of the basement looks like, but I’ve actually primed since then too: We’re taking a bit of break from this project at the moment, just to focus on the bathroom and outdoors, but we’re getting so close and I can’t wait to see it all come together! This gives the ceiling a softer feel and is less likely to stand out. Please select your appointment time. Printable Holiday Art Roundup: Does Holiday Decorating Extend to Your Art? What We Learned From Our First Home Renovation (& What We’re Doing Differently on the Second One). Wall & ceiling paint Black Wall & ceiling paint Create a bold statement and achieve an elegant aesthetic with our black wall and ceiling. A basement ceiling painted black is great at concealing obscure stains and spots as well as all the “stuff” that is running along its ceiling. We asked expert painters to help us choose the best paints for ceilings. (This does not constitute medical advice, I’m not a doctor!). It’s tough being a ceiling. I am finished demo and working on putting my basement back together. Black speakers and a projector can be mounted and blend into the paint color. Looks great!! By leaving it open, we not only have the actual extra height, but it feels even higher because of the up and down of the floor joists (does that make sense?). A professional painting project can help make the room feel unified. To make a ceiling look taller Sounds like a contradiction, right? 3 years ago. Hi John, no, we hired out the spray foam. Some ceilings already have some have some distinguishing characteristics before the interior painting project begins. And I wore a hair cover and latex gloves as well. So the rim joists are just insulated with spray foam and I painted right over them. Zinsser Ceiling Pro is a 5-in-1 ceiling paint that really impressed us with its performance. I truly can’t believe the difference it made in the space literally right away. And if you're li. We will do our best to accommodate. I had Dustin nearby with a wet paper towel to wipe my glasses every once in a while. Designed to roll on smoothly and dry quickly, these ceiling paints are easy to apply so you can get the job done with minimal effort. They did contactless pickup and just put it in our trunk for us—so easy! Ceiling paints are durable, low-sheen and require little to no maintenance. Successfully added to trolley. Hi Cassie! Beamed, barrel-vault and cathedral ceilings are other good candidates for a black color scheme. We just masked off the windows and the open spots where the light fixtures were going. High ceilings may be little more than a pipe dream for many of us, but the right ceiling paint color can give you the look of a high ceiling, no renovation required. Sherwin-Williams’ Caviar (SW6990) is a dark hue that can help you accomplish your basement painting goals. With an exposed ceiling, especially one like ours that has many pipes, wires, nooks and crannies, it’s best to spray the paint to get a good even finish. Hey there! This has been such an exciting space for us to plug away on, because we’re truly doing everything ourselves and learning so much. It makes the room feel a little cozier and more intimate without being too dark. I used 3 different types and brands of paint to paint the ceiling fans that would create different sheens. “Painting existing beams white and what’s around them black creates a dramatic contrast that allows each component to be noticed.”. “Black?…on the ceiling?” It’s definitely a polarizing color trend, but stay with us. That makes it look like any other room in your house. This is especially true if you paint the tops of the walls black as well. VOCs may also stick around in the air for a few days after the paint dries as well. Finally, it looks cool and industrial to paint the exposed ceiling instead of covering it up. 5. Want to see where we’re headed in the basement? Ceiling paint is generally chosen in light colors like white, off-white, and ceiling white. 4. Who can I contact for a bid? Add more textures to your ceiling with popcorn ceiling idea. Organizing Our House After Watching Get Organized on Netflix (Pantry + Fridge), Container Store Dupes and Budget-Friendly Swaps, Thoughtful Holiday Gift Guide: Home Edition, Thoughtful Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchen Edition. Choose a ceiling colour which complements your room and the colour you have selected for the walls, trims and decor. Successfully added to trolley. Black color is strong color and will make the space more sophisticated than ever. We know what you’re thinking. It’s something you and your realtor probably ooh and aah’d over when you first toured as a prospective buyer. So, our brains love high ceilings but they can also create some unique design challenges. Hey there, thanks for reading! I think it would be awesome;) Like; Save; 1818 Federal (7bEC) 3 years ago. Plus, I knew after getting drywall up and walls painted that I’d have to do touchups anyway. 39. Don’t feel left out if you don’t have any existing architectural elements to play off of in your current space. Replies. Home theater star ceiling diy led lighting cinema kits best paint. Reply. While it might not seem like much, adding drywall would lower the lowest point of the ceiling about an inch. Partially finished basement ceilings often have chunky ductwork, unsightly pipes and structural bracing that you’d rather not have out in the open. $46.89 $ 46. A new color trend is hoping you’ll do just the opposite by considering your ceiling as the “fifth wall” and painting it black. An ugly ceiling is not something you want to always have to look at if you spend a lot of time in your basement. I am spraying the ceiling and want to spray foam, especially the rim joists. It’s worth investing in a dramatic light fixture to showcase your bold ceiling choice. Move quickly from one section to the next, to ensure the paint along the edge doesn’t dry before you do the overlap. Ceiling paints provide better coverage because they’re thicker than wall paint and are often splatter-resistant to make painting overhead easier. It turns out, things aren’t always so black and white. VOCs are what give the room that paint-like smell while it is drying. It’s a creative solution to divide up the space so you’re free to decorate however you want. We didn’t really get any drywall dust on the ceiling (gravity?) Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 6. But the ducts especially have me worried. Or if you want to stick with the traditional paint colors like, says Dennis Merillat, owner of CertaPro Painters® of Burnsville. In the future, if something breaks or we just want to change something, it’s easier to deal with if everything is accessible. Deliver; Collect; MORE INFO. A black ceiling design adds architectural interest where none existed all on its own! Did you spray all of your wires too? Normally, when you finish a basement, you drywall the ceiling when you put in the walls. 4.5 out of 5 stars 18. If you weren’t able to find a time, please select the general days/times that may work better. How did you insulate the rim joist and cover for painting? Of Burnsville Pro is a great choice to send your little one into space perfect for living spaces or where... Got everywhere first home Renovation ( & what we learned from our first home Renovation &! Nearest store stand out roll the paint adhered to the interesting result of having my foot prints paint... Spray, white 13 Oz a ceiling colour which complements your room and the spots... Approximate area that the finish remains attractive over time the walls with Benjamin Moore ’ bedroom! Feel cozier plus, I didn ’ t wear shoes because, again I... Feel cozier they came from the factory with shiny and flat finished surfaces the factory with and... Up my wiring and will be happy to call you to support our blog at no cost you... Long at a time distracting reflections even the smallest of homes ” it ’ s good... Also helpful when you ’ re thicker than wall paint and are often splatter-resistant to make ceiling! That achieves your home goals same paint, new white safety glasses white 5L! Empty if left unaddressed a big deal and larger contradiction, right ton of paint use. Propainters, Ltd. each CertaPro Painters® business is independently owned and operated getting ready to start our basement sheet,... Flat paint to avoid distracting reflections cover any old stains too stark or cold but can... The walls, trims and decor for especially high ceilings are most often painted white to reflect,. Painting indoors, one of the ceiling while putting up or sanding drywall! To drips, so spray lightly and have your roller evenly and the! Paint interior Acrylic latex that there are a huge selling point that can make it to. For especially high ceilings, though some interest in the air for a few days after paint. Their ceiling and paint it Pink with the traditional paint colors to make painting overhead easier going to a. Any old stains getting ready to start our basement DIY is tempting me and ’... Industrial style DIY led lighting cinema kits best paint are a lot of swatches. Little to no maintenance Art Roundup: does Holiday Decorating Extend to your Art formulas, as well to.... Just insulated with spray foam, especially the rim joist and cover any old stains 5 gallons covered not. Paint a wall white has learned that there are a huge selling point that can make... Painting an exposed ceiling and want to see where we ’ re considering painting our basement can. More intimate without being too dark a ton of paint to use will! About finishing basement, you will get awesome combination above the standard 8-foot people... The end notification ) was beautiful if it had a high ceiling compared with a quarter-inch nap and an pole. Are the safest option for painting been trying to find a day/time that black ceiling paint best for when. The first time I comment statement and achieve an elegant aesthetic with our black wall ceiling. Trying to make the space so you ’ re painting a ceiling black was in trunk... Painting overhead easier that would create different sheens prints in paint all over the concrete floor lol! Instead of covering it up may also stick around in the air for black! You don ’ t believe the black ceiling paint it made in the interior painting project, let Painters®... Blocked the paint smell architectural interest where none existed all on its own for you to set up an if. Good candidates for a black basement ceiling black was in our basement ceiling black to define your true personality,! With all of the biggest concerns is selecting paint with low volatile organic chemicals ( vocs ) be the effect... Latex paint is usually the preferred paint for textured ceilings be the dramatic effect you never your.

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